Water heated in tubes covered with solar absorbing layer is sent to the reservoir and then to the central hot water system of the building.

  • By integrating a modern regulator through the boiler, the water heating temperature is stabilized.
  • High temperature incoming water is cooled by mixing cold water in the faucet.
  • The system is mechanical and contains no electrical components.
  • The water is heated by the sunlight and not by the outer temperature.
  • In a cloudy weather or during the winter season water heated by the sun is sent to the heating boiler instead of cold tap water. Consequently, it consumes less energy.
  • In summer, the water heats up to +80°C, in winter – up to +40°C.
  • On average, you reduce utility bills by 80%.

Payback period-5 years

Exploitation period-15 years

Warranty -2 years